Friday, May 27, 2005

Did I mention...

roland garros
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...that I'm going for lunch at Roland-Garros today? I'm no great tennis fan, but I make a point of accepting this invitation every year because OTHER PEOPLE think it's cool (you think I'm kidding, right?), and if you tell people you're not interested, they look at you as if you're mad. But it always underwhelms me - why, last year I forgot my specs and only had a very hazy idea of what was going on at all. This is, obviously, an old photo as I've not gone yet. I don't know which court we'll be on, but if you click here, you'll be able to see the players I might be watching and -- with the help of these two visual aids and a tall VAT -- it will be almost as if you were there with me. No need to thank me.

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